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Lighting and Power Upgrade – Sinnamon Village Aged Care Facility

A major lighting and power upgrade to an aged care facility with approximately 300 residents. Wesley Mission Brisbane wanted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the facility for new clients and existing residents and improve energy efficiency.

The Installation

  • Lighting in all hallways and common areas were upgraded to LED lights.
  • Power and lighting cables were installed in individual residents’ rooms for future proofing.

The job was carried out whilst the aged care facility was fully occupied. We are able to work in fully staffed and occupied building as discretely as possible if required. This job was completed over a 9-month period in order to minimise the impact to all. Safety was the utmost concern.

The Benefits of Upgrading your Lighting and Power

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by decreasing your daily power consumption.
  • Achieve a more modern look and feel in your home.

The Result

Massively reduced power consumption and a more pleasing and modern living environment for residents.

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