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Security Camera Installation Brisbane

At Dawson Electric, we understand the importance of home security. With crime rates rising in Brisbane with recent break and enters, it’s vital to be protected through security cameras for your home. We’re proud to offer security camera installation throughout Brisbane to protect Brisbane homeowners.

All our security camera installers have undertaken a police check, and under the Security Providers Act 1993, have an additional security equipment installers license.

Hikvision Security Cameras

As quality electricians in Brisbane, we only supply long lasting, easy to use security solutions. The security cameras from Hikvision are highly reliable and offer advanced options, not found in your common out-of-the-box cameras or DIY security.
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Dawson Electrics Installing Hikvision Security Camera

Features & Benefits

Being Hikvision security camera stockists, we partnered based on their advanced features that matched the rising demand for quality security solutions.

  • Hikvision cameras have high resolution imaging across all lighting conditions, including low light.
  • Real time alerts notify you via the Hik-Connect app with smart motion detection technology.
  • AI analytics and deep learning algorithms power detection of both facial recognition, and vehicle identification with number plate recognition.
  • Weatherproof cameras with relevant IP ratings per location such as under eaves or exposed fully to the elements.
  • Durable design built to last and be vandal resistant
  • 3 Year Free Warranty with all models.

Are Security Cameras Effective?

Security cameras are incredibly effective in deterring potential intruders from entering your home. According to findings in 2019, a 40-year review of the use of CCTV demonstrated significant crime reductions within residential areas.

Further to this, multiple security solutions alongside CCTV also led to crime reduction. With security cameras from Hikvision having integrated alarms and active monitoring, it’s likely any intruder would be deterred.

Security cameras can:

  • Can decrease your home insurance premiums
  • Document evidence for reporting to police
  • Can deter opportunistic intruders purely from being visible

How Can I Remotely Access My Own Security Camera?

Hikvision offer an app for smartphones and tablets, for 24/7 active monitoring. Designed to work with any camera, the Hik-Connect app, watch surveillance real time or play back at any time. 

Remote access through Hikvision’s DVR/NVR systems can also be done through the app, or a user friendly interface with access to PCs.

Access Security Camera Remotely

Protect Your Home & Family With Dawson Electric

Whether you’re based in Brisbane’s South or North, Dawson Electric can help safeguard your home from theft through professional security camera installation services. Through a thorough assessment of your home, we can install security cameras covering any point of entry. Stay protected, get in touch with the experts at Dawson Electric today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the motion detection alerts work?

Motion detection works through the camera monitoring its field of view for any new changes. With advanced algorithms, such as Hikvision’s Acusense, it can differentiate between movement of non human objects and potential intruders.

What is the installation process like with Dawson Electric?

We start with an assessment of your home for any possible points of entry and to ensure proper placement of cameras. We’ll then get started with installation of your cameras and if chosen DVR/NVR systems. Finally, once installation is complete, we provide a demonstration of how to use the system and its features.

Do you install other security cameras?

We install other security systems including those from Swann, UVR, and Dahua.

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