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At Dawson Electric, we take great pride in the work we do, knowing that we’re making our customers' homes safer and more comfortable. Standing by our work means we always use the highest quality electrical components, fittings and products. Below, you’ll find information on some of our favourite products and brands that we frequently use in homes and businesses across Brisbane.

Each of our products comes from a manufacturer we know and trust to deliver quality components that can stand up to whatever you throw at them.

Smoke Alarms

Brand: Clipsal

Product Name: Clipsal Fire Tek Photoelectric Alarm - Wireless
Product No.: 755PSMA4

The Clipsal Fire Tek 755PSMA4 is designed to detect fires early and protect your family. These alarms are wired into mains power with a 9V battery backup. They can be used on their own or interconnected with other 755 series smoke alarms. Clipsal alarms are available with surface-mount, low profile or flush-mounting options.

Product Name: Clipsal Fire Tek Photoelectric Alarm - Wired
Product No.: 755RLPSMA4

The Clipsal 755RLPSMA4 is an early-detection smoke alarm that is wired into mains power. Its battery back-up is sealed into the unit and automatically kept recharged, so there’s no need to worry about replacing batteries. These alarms can be used on their own or interconnected wirelessly with other 755 series alarms for remote control, testing and input.

Ceiling Fans

Brand: Brilliant AC Ceiling Fans

Product Name: Brilliant Tempest-II AC Fan with Light
Product No.: 99988/05

The Tempest-II is a stylish and modern ceiling fan made with four quiet timber blades and powered by a 50W AC motor. Tempest-II fans are perfect for every room in the house. The built-in light makes them ideal replacements for existing ceiling lights, and Brilliant’s Quick Connect system makes them simple to install for all indoor locations. The fan comes with a 3 speed wall controller and is compatible with Brilliant remotes and smart controllers.

Product Name: Brilliant Tempest AC Fan without Light
Product No.: 99983/05

For a low-profile look, Brilliant’s Tempest fans are available without a built-in light. The aluminium body is matched to plywood blades that operate quietly and are effective year-round with all-season technology. The Tempest fan comes in white, black and brushed aluminium finishes, and is perfect for all indoor installations.

Brand: Brilliant DC Ceiling Fans

Product Name: Brilliant AMARI 4-Blade DC Fan with Light
Product No.: 21721/05

DC fans from Brilliant are compact, powerful and stylish. The Amari looks great in any setting, but its UV-resistant ABS body and blade construction make it perfect for coastal settings. This DC fan has a 6 speed remote control and upmarket options like Windbreeze mode that automatically varies the fan speed to mimic real weather. The built-in light has adjustable colour temperature settings so you can find the perfect mood for any room. DC Ceiling Fans are also extremely energy efficient, using 70% less energy on average than an AC Fan.

Product Name: Brilliant AMARI 4-Blade DC Fan without Light
Product No.: 21719/05

This 52 inch ceiling fan is built for coastal locations with its body, blades and canopy constructed from UV and corrosion resistant ABS plastic. It’s powered by a highly efficient 35W DC motor that has 6 speed settings and Brilliant’s Windbreeze mode. These fans are simple to install in any room and can keep you comfortable year-round with their reversible winter setting. They also use up to 70% less energy than an AC fan, which means you’re saving on your bills too! 

Brand: Ventair AC Ceiling Fans

Product Name: Ventair Spyda with Light
Product No.: SPY1423WH-L

This 3-blade AC fan from Spyda features a fully moulded polycarbonate construction. The UV-resistant and durable components are designed to be waterproof and weather resistant, making these fans great for both indoor and covered outdoor use. Quality is the focus here, with excellent components and True-Spin Technology meaning your fans run better for longer while reducing your power consumption.

Product Name: Ventair Spyda without Light
Product No.: SPY1423NWH

Like its cousin, the Spyda fan without light features a fully polycarbonate construction, making it weather resistant and perfect for indoor, covered outdoor and commercial installations. Spyda fans are designed to make as little noise as possible, and the precision components means they’re quieter and more efficient to operate.


Brand: ATOM

Product Name: 8W Dimmable LED Downlight
Product No.: AT9039

Atom’s 8W LED downlights are perfect for use around your home, business or shop. Anywhere your lighting design calls for downlights, these are the ideal solution. With built-in drivers and an IC-4 rating, these lights are simple to install and can achieve a seamless look in any room of your home. The dimmable driver also means Atom downlights can be connected to a dimming wall switch or smart home controller.

Product Name: Opal Acrylic LED Oyster Light
Product No.: AT3013

These classic oyster lights are simple to install, efficient to operate and require minimal maintenance thanks to their insect resistant seal. Opal lights are made from powder coated steel with an acrylic diffuser and are available in a range of sizes from 260mm up to 395mm. 

Product Name: Condor Sensor 13W Security Spotlight

Perfect for lighting porches, front and back doors, garden paths and more, Atom’s Condor Sensor light is a stylish and efficient on-demand lighting solution. Available in both black and white, these sensor lights are IP54 rated for weather resistance. The 13W LED bulb is powerful enough to help light your way and comes with 3 different selectable colour temperatures.

Product Name: Condor Twin Sensors 24W Security Spot

For larger areas that need more lighting, Atom also supplies the Condor Twin sensor light with two LED bulbs for a total 24W of output. Each light is adjustable and can be rotated to face in the direction you need. Atom’s sensor lights are supplied with a 3 year warranty.

Brand: Space Lighting

The way you design your lighting can have a profound effect on any room. Whether you are at home or at work, the right lighting choices can set the mood, illuminate your work areas and elevate the space.
We work extensively with fittings from the lighting brand About Space. Their stylish, contemporary catalogue includes stunning lighting options for everywhere around your home. From beautiful pendants to ceiling lights, wall sconces, chandeliers and more, About Space has light fittings that can turn any room into a curated space.

Product Name: BETON

Finish: Grey/Black Sandstone or White Sandstone
Material: Concrete/Sandstone
Dimensions: Diam: 100mm x H: 200mm
Drop: 1800mm

Product Name: GAUDI

Finish: Black or White
Material: Glass and steel
Dimensions: H: 210mm x W: 225mm x D: 110mm
Globe Type: Black G9 x 2 / White Included

Product Name: 2BY5

Finish: Natural, Black Japan, or Walnut
Material: Victorian Ash Timber
Dimensions: H: 45mm x W: 45mm x L: 2400mm max (custom)
Ceiling Plate: Diam: 55mm
Drop: 1500mm or custom

Product Name: LED S 60 x 60

Finish: Black, White, Silver or Brass
Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: Profile H: 80mm x W: 60mm
Diam: 450mm / 660mm / 900mm /1060mm / 1200mm / 1560mm / 2060mm / 2460mm / 3060mm / 4060mm / 5060mm
Drop: 2000mm or custom

Product Name: SATURN 3

Finish: Black, Brass or White
Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: Ring 1 Diam: 390mm, Ring 2 Diam: 580mm, Ring 3 Diam: 780mm x H: 20mm
Ceiling Plate: Diam: 310mm
Drop: 2000mm

Product Name: JBO

Finish: Black or White
Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: H: 90mm x L: 110mm x D: 30mm

Product Name: CATERPILLAR H 1500

Finish: Black or Brass Body with Round Opal or Smoke glass, or Flat Opal glass
Material: Glass and steel
Dimensions: L: 1500mm Glass shade: Diam: 100mm
Drop: 1000mm

Product Name: TOLEDO CLEAR

Finish: Clear Glass
Drop: Black & Black, Brass & Grey or Nickle & Grey
Material: Glass
Dimensions: Diam: 200mm / Diam: 300mm /Diam: 400mm / Diam: 500mm
Drop: 2000mm or 3000mm

Brand: HAVIT Lighting

Taking a more minimalist approach to the design of their lights and fittings, Havit is a brand we strongly recommend for all home and business owners. Havit offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor lights, including wall, ceiling, hanging and decorative options that can light up everything from your workspace to wall art. Havit’s products use the latest in LED technology to fill your spaces with beautiful light without driving up your power consumption. For designer residential and commercial lighting equipment, it’s hard for our team to go past Havit’s products.

Product Name: HV5812T-BLK - Nella 7w LED Black Adjustable Surface Mounted Downlight

  • Surface mounted Adjustable LED downlight
  • Aluminium powder coated black finish
  • 60° beam angle
  • 20° tilt
  • Triac Dimmable
  • IP rating: IP40
  • Input voltage: 240v AC
  • TRI Colour
  • Built-in 7w LED

Product Name: HV1025T-HV1027T - Tivah Black TRI Colour Up & Down Wall Pillar Lights

  • Tivah Up & Down Wall Pillar Light
  • Aluminium Poly Powder Coated Black
  • Includes Matching Backing Plate
  • High Output Reflector To Maximise Light
  • TRI Colour
  • 3000k, 4000k + 5500k
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Beam Angle (HV1025): 60 degrees
  • Beam Angle (HV1027): 120 degrees
  • Input Voltage: 240v AC or 12v DC

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