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Downlights and Pendant Lights Electrician Installation

The owner of a house in Camp Hill was preparing for sale. Small, impactful renovations are often the best way to increase property value and buyer interest. New pendant fixtures and sleek downlights were installed in the dining room and kitchen.

The installation

  • Cool white downlights in the kitchen and pendant lights over the kitchen bench
  • A single modern pendant light in the dining room

The benefits of downlights

  • Popular choice of lighting for any home.
  • Brings sophistication to kitchens, bathrooms and living areas.
  • Extensive range of energy saving LEDs and dimmable options for versatility.
  • Available in warm white (a great choice for bedrooms and living areas) and cool white (better suited to kitchens and laundries).

The benefits of pendant lights

  • A simple way of adding style and sophistication to a room.
  • Extensive range of versatile designs available.
  • Impactful when used singularly with greater impact when clustered in a group.

How Much Do Downlights and Pendant Lights Cost?

This is very much the dependant on how many and what type of pendant lights. Your Dawson Electric Technician will develop a lighting plan for your home and present you with a simple cost breakdown.

Our technicians offer honest advice and will guide you on making the best lighting decisions for your home.

The Result

A happy home owner, ready to sell their Camp Hill home with confidence in their stylish and functional kitchen and dining room.

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