What Is More Financially Beneficial: Air Conditioning or Ceiling Fans?

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In Brisbane, we all know the feeling of trying to sleep on a still, hot and humid summer’s night. The feeling of being stuck to the sheets by sweat, craving the slightest breeze to blow through the wide-open windows. What we wouldn’t give, for a ceiling fan to provide some airflow. Or, an air conditioner the size of a semi-truck blowing every last sub-zero air particle into our hotbox of a bedroom. But which one? A ceiling fan or air conditioner, ceiling fan or air conditioner? We have a look at both to determine how to keep you comfortable during the day and ensure you get the best sleep at night.

Pros for Air Conditioning

It would be cheating to write “everything” here so let’s list some specifics. Comfort-wise, there isn’t any other device that is as effective at cooling the inside of your home as an air conditioner. As long as the unit has been correctly fitted to the space, it is fast and effective at cooling a room. Most units these days come with automatic climate control, meaning they will efficiently cycle to maintain a set temperature. 

It’s a set and forget system that makes it easy and convenient to actually cool your space. Because of this the effects of air conditioning are felt quickly and are longer lasting than a ceiling fan. As a bonus, reverse cycle units can also keep you warm in winter meaning year-round benefits and an all-in-one approach that saves you buying an additional heating unit for your home.

Cons for Air Conditioning

The most significant downside to air conditioning is its cost. It is the more expensive option in terms of initial outlay and continued running costs. Depending on the type of unit you have, the power draw can be as much as 2,500 watts per hour for split system units and more for ducted systems. To ensure optimum efficiency your AC unit will require regular servicing, generally annually is sufficient. There is also some self-maintenance you can carry out such as keeping your filters clean. 

Older systems won’t be covered by warranty and due to their complexity are prone to the occasional breakdown, and repairs can be costly. Air conditioners cool the air using condensers that remove moisture from the air, this can be a plus in high humidity conditions. However, they can dry out the air beyond human comfort levels, this can have adverse health effects and affect your sleep by dehydrating throughout the night. Lastly, they really are restricted to internal spaces and are inefficient in open spaces.

Pros for Ceiling Fans

The humble ceiling fan would have to be one of the most used appliances in Brisbane. It’s inexpensive to run, using only about 65 watts of power per hour. This equates to a running cost of 2-3 cents per hour which is significantly cheaper to run than air conditioning. Aside from needing an annual wide down, ceiling fans will run for years without any maintenance. They will operate reliably without rest and are unlikely to break or malfunction. 

They can be placed almost anywhere, including balconies and are efficient and effective in almost any setting. They don’t dry out the air which is especially important while we sleep. Our bodies require a certain amount of humidity to minimise dehydration which in turn provides us with a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Cons for Ceiling Fans

The effects of ceiling fans are limited to the environmental conditions of the room. They don’t actually cool space but instead create airflow. This assists our body’s natural cooling mechanisms. On milder days, a fan is more than enough to keep us comfortable, whereas most nights it’s all you need to have a good night’s sleep. But as soon the temperature increases beyond a certain point, there aren’t enough ceiling fans in the world to keep us comfortable. 

Another thing to consider is the reach of the ceiling fan, as you need to be quite close to it to feel its full effect. Aside from the speed setting, there isn’t a temperature control and only those lucky enough to be directly under it will feel the full effect, often leading to arguments over the best seat in the room.

Need Either an Air Conditioner or Ceiling Fan Installed? Contact Dawson Electric Today

At the end of the day, what’s important is your comfort. A combination of both air conditioning and ceiling fans can provide an ideal mix of comfort and economy. Cool the room with the air conditioner, and then use the fan to circulate the cool air, it’s a win/win situation. No matter your preference, Dawson Electric has the experience necessary to provide you with the right advice and install your new fan or air conditioner. Contact us today on 07 3324 1447 to speak to our friendly staff about how we can help you survive and thrive over the Brisbane summer.

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