How to Baby Proof Your Electrical Appliances

There are so many adjustments you need to make in your life as a new parent – from shaking up your sleeping pattern to clearing space on your phone for the hundreds of photos you’re going to take of your adorable new human. In more serious matters, you also need to babyproof your electrical appliances to minimise any potential risks and hazards.     

Curious children are drawn to touching electrical outlets and tugging at cords, which can cause serious harm in the form of electric shocks, choking or tripping. As such, there’s a broad range of electrical features that should be safely inspected, tagged and covered in your home to create a safe environment for your children. If you aren’t sure where to start, booking a professional electrician to inspect your home will ensure you’ve covered all bases. Below, we’ve listed some key steps and solutions to babyproofing your electrical appliances. 

Electrical Outlets

Little fingers love squeezing tiny objects into electrical outlets, which can bring about a serious risk of electric shock. Luckily, there’s a variety of electrical solutions to protect your baby from harm, whether your electrical outlet is occupied or available. 

  • Self-closing outlet covers
    One of the first things you should consider when childproofing your home is how to conceal outlets when they aren’t in use. Self-closing outlet covers are a great solution, as they include a spring-loaded piece of plastic that automatically slides over the open socket when you remove a plug. This means you can never forget to hide open outlets from curious hands.
  • Outlet boxes
    So, how do you keep your child safe when an outlet is being used? Rather than purchasing individual plastic plugs – which can be a potential choking hazard -invest in plastic outlet boxes. These boxes screw into the wall and are fantastic options for when you’re trying to secure occupied outlets, however, are best for permanent plugs such as washing machines and televisions as they can be inconvenient to constantly remove.   

Electrical Cords

Long cables running along the ground are as attractive to teething mouths as moths to flames. And for toddlers learning to walk, dangling extension cords are ripe for tugging, which could potentially cause heavy appliances to topple onto small heads. If your electrical cords are easily accessible, first consider rearranging your furniture to block and disguise them from small children, or hiding cables beneath floor rugs. If you still find exposed cords throughout your home, it’s time to take a look at some easy options to protect your baby. 

  • Strap cords down
    The most cost-effective way to childproof an exposed cord is by covering it with gaffer’s tape. Strapping your cord down with thick black tape is not a visually appealing solution, it’s a great option to protect your flooring from damage when laying cables across the floor is unavoidable.  
  • Wrap cords
  • Hairdryers, lamps, chargers, toasters, vacuum cleaners, entertainment systems… The list of appliances with long cords in your home is endless. When you have a bunch of cords within close proximity to each other, wrap them together with a cord sleeve. They keep things organised, look neat and prevent your children from potentially choking or tripping on them.

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To protect your baby from the potential risk of electrocution, it’s important to ensure your home’s electrical outlets, cords and appliances are out of reach or hidden from little fingers. If you need some assistance babyproofing your home, get in contact with a professional electrician from Dawson Electric

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