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Home lighting – 6 top tips to create maximum impact

Choosing the correct home lighting can be tricky – installing LED lights such such downlights, pendants, up lights, lamps…..too many choices right?! The right lighting can modernise a home, highlight artwork or architectural features and make your house feel warm and inviting.

Bad lighting will change the colours of the furniture and walls and even worse can cause headaches and make people tense.  Some designers would even say lighting is the most integral factor in interior design, so it’s important to get it right.  Let’s take it room by room.

1. Entryway lighting

A large statement pendant light is a great way to make an impact upon entering a home. If you have artwork displayed on the walls accent lights can help you highlight these.  Lighting in the entryway is very important as it sets the mood for your home, making it feel warm and inviting.  ‘

2. Hallways

From a practical point of view hallways and stairs need to be safely lit, make sure there are no dark corners or steps. Downlights are a great option for hallways as they can be evenly placed providing an even distribution of light.

3. Lounge

Up-lighting with either floor lamps or wall lights provides a purer quality of light through refracting off the ceiling. Lights with dimmers are also practical for the lounge room, allowing you to dim them for watching T.V or creating a more ambient mood.   Ceiling fans with lights are also a practical lighting solution.

4. Kitchen Home Lighting

Pendant lights above an island bench look fantastic, consider having more than 1 to really make a statement.  You will also need ‘task lighting’ above cooking areas.  A light inside your pantry is practical addition, attach it to a sensor to turn the light on when the door opens.  Great for midnight snacking. 

5. Bathroom

Combine task lighting and ambient lighting for the perfect bathroom combination.  ‘Task lighting’ in the form of downlights directly above the vanity for practical tasks.  A beautiful pendant centred in the room can be used without the task lighting for bath time.

6. Bedroom

You need a variety of lighting in a bedroom, task lighting for bedside reading, above dressing tables and inside wardrobes.  Lamps are great for bedsides or if you are after something different hanging pendants next to the bed look fantastic. 

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