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Coorparoo, Brisbane: Electrician House Lighting Upgrade

Owners of a property in Coorparoo realised their house was looking a little dark and outdated in terms of lighting. To resolve this, and give their house a fresh feel, they decided to upgrade the lighting throughout their home.

The Installation

  • All lights in the house were switched from halogens to new LED equivalents.
  • Pendant lights were installed in the kitchen.

The Benefits of a Whole House Lighting Upgrade

  • Upgrading lighting modernises a property.
  • Switching from halogens to new LED equivalents uses 80% less power.
  • Kitchen pendants help to separate the kitchen from the other areas of the house.
  • Any mistakes made with the original old lighting can be fixed.
  • Lighting positions can be amended to improve ambience and functionality.

How Much Does a Whole House Lighting Upgrade Cost?

Every client has a different idea of how much they want to change a space with a lighting upgrade. The options are endless when considering the range of new fixtures: statement pendant lights, trendy pendant light clusters, wall lights, chandeliers, spotlights, etc. Dawson Electric are lighting experts and love helping people transform their homes. Get in touch today to start discussing your whole house lighting upgrade. 

The Result

The lighting upgrade transformed the home into a well-lit, and more energy efficient, modernised house resulting in happy owners.

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