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Buying a ceiling fan – all you need to know

As we head into another Brisbane summer and the temperature rises many of us consider buying a ceiling fan to keep us cool. However, there are so many options to choose from, timber fans, aluminium ceiling fans, fans with remote controls, outdoor ceiling fans, indoor ceiling fans and it can all be a little confusing. In the following article, you will find out the best type of ceiling fan for your home and budget and what features to look for in a great ceiling fan

Do Ceiling Fans lower the temperature of the room?

Ceiling fans move the air around the room similar to a breeze, moving air across your skin and cooling you down. They do not actually lower the room temperature like an air conditioner does, despite this they are a great low-cost alternative that provides an effective cooling solution. A stylish well-designed ceiling fan can also add to the aesthetic appeal of a property and be used as a design feature. The style of your home should be considered when buying a ceiling fan. 

How much should a ceiling fan cost?

Ceiling fans start from as little as $41 from Bunnings and range up to $1000 for designer ceiling fans. When buying a ceiling fan you definitely do not want to purchase the cheapest, instead, you should look at the features below before making your choice. There is nothing worse than a ceiling fan making a ticking or rattling noise while you are trying to sleep. 

Can I install a ceiling fan in an apartment or with no ceiling access?

This is a question we are frequently asked. How do you install a ceiling fan when there is no ceiling access to run the fan cable? Usually, it is possible to install a ceiling fan by replacing a light and installing a fan with remote control. Check with your qualified electrician before buying your ceiling fan if remote control is required. 

Features to consider when buying a ceiling fan

Most qualified electricians supply a range of ceiling fans and should be able to advise you on the most suitable fan for you. Qualified electricians and good retailers should be able to answer any questions you may have about the features of each ceiling fan. 

1. AC or DC?

Not to be confused with the popular rock group AC (alternating current)  and DC (direct current) are 2 types of ceiling fans. So what is the difference?

DC ceiling fans deliver greater energy efficiency and are therefore becoming increasingly popular. They also usually have more settings, sometimes up to 7 to provide greater control over air movement. They also come with a higher price tag, usually over $300 each. 

AC fan is still more popular and is the obvious choice if you have a budget of under $300/fan. 

2. Room size

As a basic guide, 1200-1320mm ceiling fans should be used in bedrooms. For large living areas, 1400mm ceiling fans are a good size. Getting the size right is important, too big and you will get blown away and too small and the fan will be ineffective. 

3. Blade Material

Fan blades can be plastic, stainless steel, aluminium or wooden. So which is best? It is generally accepted that all materials provide the same amount of cooling capacity. However, fans with wooden and plastic blades tend to be quieter making them better for bedrooms. 

4. Light or no light?

Some ceiling fans come with the option of a light attached. Often people choose to replace a current light fitting with a ceiling fan. Having a ceiling fan with the light integrated is a useful feature and ensures the room is still lit properly. Check with your retailer or electrician about which ceiling fan models have lights attached as some fans do not have compatible lights. 

How much does ceiling fan installation cost?

To replace an existing ceiling fan usually costs around $120. To install a new ceiling fan is between $150-$250 depending on the ceiling access. 

Our favourite fan choices


If you own a rental property or are on a budget there is a great range of inexpensive ceiling fans that are very effective. Our favourites are the Clipsal Airflow Ceiling Fan and the Brilliant Storm and Brilliant Tempest Ceiling fans. Both brands of ceiling fans come with the options of lights and remotes. 

Mid Range

Perhaps our favourite brand of ceiling fan is the Hunter Pacific Ceiling Fan. They have a huge range of designs including colour and material choices and also offer AC and DC options. The Hunter Pacific also offers a superior quality product and are super quiet. We love these fans and have them in our own home. Prices range from $160 to $350/ea 

Commercial Use 

If you need a ceiling fan for commercial purposes such as a school gym or warehouse you cannot go past Big Ass Fans. They offer a huge product range that are very effective and are just a very cool brand. 

Don’t want the hassle of buying your own ceiling fans?

No worries, we supply, sell and install a huge range of ceiling fans. We also offer FREE QUOTES and FREE ADVICE. 

Remember: always have your ceiling fan installed by a licensed electrician. 

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