What Tasks do Electricians Perform?

Man fixing Switchboard

The modern world runs on electricity. It’s safer and more reliable than ever, but you still need a licensed electrician to perform any electrical installation, maintenance and repair work around your home or business. Electricians undergo years of study and training to make sure they’re equipped to work safely with electricity. There are loads of reasons you might need to call a sparky, from basic repairs and fault finding to complete installations of circuits or appliances. In this article we are going to take a look at just a few of the most common tasks that electricians are asked to perform.

Electrical Maintenance & Repairs

Electricians are the go-to trade for any sort of electrical maintenance or repair you need. Not only can electricity be dangerous, it’s actually illegal to perform electrical work without a license in Queensland. Your residential electrician has all the education, training and tools to work with electricity safely and ensure that your house is safe for the whole family. Staying on top of your regular maintenance is important, but if you do start seeing other faults, call an electrician as soon as possible.

Some of the most common requests we get for maintenance and repairs include:

  • Faulty or broken switches and power points
  • Shocks or sparks when plugging things into the wall
  • Power bills that are unusually high
  • Circuit breakers and fuses that keep tripping
  • Appliance installations, such as for ovens or stoves

Air Conditioning & Ceiling Fan Installation

Staying cool in the Brisbane heat can be a challenge even in the best years. Ceiling fans are an ever-popular choice for keeping fresh air moving, but split system and ducted air conditioners are becoming more efficient and affordable than ever. Installing and maintaining your fans and air conditioners is always a job for a qualified electrician.

Getting better performance from your air conditioner means the unit you choose needs to be properly sized for your home and installed in just the right spot. An electrician can take you through the air conditioning options available, help you pick the right size and brand, and choose where to mount it to deliver the best cooling power.

Switchboard Upgrades

All the power that comes into your home runs through a device called a switchboard, sometimes also called fuse boxes. Switchboards are one of the simplest and most important safety features in the home – as soon as they detect something going wrong with one of your circuits, a safety switch is tripped and power cuts off. They’re in place to prevent electric shocks and fires, so yours needs to be up to date and working properly.

It’s important to have your switchboard inspected and updated, especially in older homes, and it’s definitely a job for a licensed electrician. If your switchboard is dated, uses older style fuses, lives in an exposed location or if your safety switches trip frequently, it’s time to upgrade. Your electrician can supply and install a new unit that will keep your home and family safe for decades to come.

Commercial Electrical Work

Electricity doesn’t just power our homes, it powers our businesses too. Keeping your systems online and customers happy is important, and a commercial electrician can do everything from installing electrical new electrical circuits to shop fitouts and the regular maintenance you need. Because your business relies on its power, it’s important to choose a commercial electrician with the tools and capacity to take care of your business. Having a dedicated electrician means you always have someone to hand who can make repairs and keep your commercial electrical systems ready for action.

Need an Electrician in Brisbane? Contact Dawson Electric Today! Whenever you need electrical work around your home or business, it needs to be done by a licensed electrician. You rely on those circuits to work when you need them, and the experienced team at Dawson Electric can make sure all your electrical circuits work properly and safely. Simply get in touch with us for advice or to make an appointment. We’re always happy to help with any of your maintenance, repair or installation projects, and you can rely on us to deliver Brisbane’s best quality electrical services!

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